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The Tectonics are powerful elemental spirits that make up all matter — and, in some cases, energies — in our Universe. They come in countless shapes and sizes, and there is no easy way to tell where one ends and another begins. A single mountain may be one Tectonic or thousands. Sightings of Tectonics awake, which typically portend disaster, have been extremely rare since the end of the Cataclysm. While specific Tectonics may be the focus of some legends, Druids and other followers of the Old Gods rarely claim one as their preferred deity, instead treating all with profound respect. The following represent an infinitesimally small portion of the total number of Tectonics in existence across the Universe. 


Order – War – Nature

Adreia, the “Tectonic of the Ardean Mesa,” is the spirit that resides within a mesa in the Ardean Desert.

The Monastery of Adreia is a shrine to this Tectonic.


Tempest – Life – Nature

Amnion, the “Tectonic of Birth,” is one of the three Tectonics believed to have played a role in creating the first mortals on Kad, providing the life-giving water that nourishes the body. They are believed to follow the water cycle, traveling from clouds to the soil and flowing to streams and rivers before returning to the sky.


Life – Arcana – Twilight

Ardor, the “Tectonic of Spirit,” is one of the three Tectonics believed to have played a role in creating the first mortals on Kad, providing the initial spark of life. They embody one of the more esoteric aspects of the Tectonics. While most Tectonics embody tangible elements like stone or flame, Ardor embodies courage and the spirit of community. Ardor was the patron deity of the Thri-Kreen’s Ardean Empire, representing the ideals of collectivism over individualism.

Ardor is the patron deity of the Blackmantle Arcanum Brass Hammer house.


Arcana – Trickery – Nature

Augur is the “Tectonic of the Great River” and the patron diety of the Augural Strand.



Boreas, the “Tectonic of the North Wind,” is famed for allying with the legendary hero Caelus and the Blackmantle Magi to battle the Tectonic Weld and end the Cataclysm. They have long represented the changing of the seasons as the harbinger of winter. Like the winter itself, Boreas is believed to have a delicate temper and a single-minded ferocity when agitated, but also a certain awe-inspiring mysticism when at peace.


Tempest – War – Grave

Cetacea, the “Tectonic of Brine.” is said to be an immense Tectonic that composes a large portion of the titular Cetacean Sea.



Notus is the “Tectonic of East Wind.”


Knowledge – Tempest – Nature

Ignasa, the “Tectonic of the Ardean Storm,” is the spirit that resides within the raging sandstorm that surrounds the Monastery of Ignasa, the Tectonic’s shrine.

It’s said that, long ago, the Ardean desert was part of the ocean, and Ignasa was a whirlpool within that ocean. Countless ships fell into Ignasa’s embrace, and even now, as a sandstorm, it’s unknown what wonders may have been consumed by it. According to legend, Ignasa earned its name for the vast collection of knowledge that it contains.

The Monastery of Ignasa is a shrine to this Tectonic.


Forge – Life – Peace

Ingot, the “Tectonic of Bloodiron,” is one of the three Tectonics believed to have played a role in creating the first mortals on Kad, providing the iron that courses through our blood and much of the tangible components that make up the body. It’s said that Ingot resides somewhere beneath the Mountain Barrows.


Nature – Peace – War

Mantle is the “Tectonic of the Continent.”



Notus is the “Tectonic of South Wind.”



Seethe is the “Tectonic of the Talus Hot Springs.”



Sodden is the “Tectonic of DOMAIN.”


Arcana – Peace – Nature

Zephyrus is the “Tectonic of the West Wind.”