Sogworn Wood

The Icy Wilds

It’s best not to think about what lies beyond the Sogworn Wall. Yet, if you must know, know this: These woods are not meant for good-natured folk.

As the people of Ampere forged their new nation, stories began to surface. Crackling voices from the forest. Livestock, vanishing, and, soon, people as well. Scouts ventured out and seldom returned. Those who did returned rambling about strange sights and impossible magics, corruptions of the mind. Day by day it seemed the forest grew, spreading like blood through white linen. So they built the wall, a shield from the monsters beyond.

Still, the stories circle. Shadows, weaving through the bricks, and stray sounds, words almost, from far away.

You hope they’re only tricks of the mind.
Yet that comfort may itself be a horror of its own.