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The Nine Colleges

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Bastior College

Caelus Castra
Emerald Shield


Magus Cathode Steelgauge (she/her)

Endurum College

Red Bay, Rotkrater
Emerald Shield

“Adapt or fall.”

Magus Six Toe of the Lush Cape Clan (he/him)

Esoteria College

Oarlock, Grendire, Ampere Alliance
Cobalt Compass

“In the shadows, we see.”

Magus Lucianna Flemming (she/her)

Exultix College

Sidoculta, Sen Miëgog
Golden Locket

“For the chosen.”

Magus Pola Palópa (she/her)

Idos College

Ren Sahari, Northern Ardea
Golden Locket

“Without match.”

Magus Rexus of the Blazing Banks Clan (he/him)

Mentiad College

Aurochshire, Waefolk
Amber Hammer

“Reborn in fire.”

Magus Revna Avarelle (she/her)

Obscurion College

Dodano, Southern Ardea
Cobalt Compass

“Cast out the shadows.”

Magus Erevan Akilian (he/him)

Wardus College

Zafraëth, Quickthorne
Emerald Shield

“For every bloodline, every strain.”

Magus Thistle Quickthorne (they/them)

Zarroth College

Golembluff, Bulwark
Amber Hammer

“Knees unbent.”

Magus Saezár Sangblanc (he/him)