Blackmantle Arcanum


Bastior College, Caelus Castra
Emerald Shield


Bastior (he/him) was a young warrior when the Ironvein attacked his home, the Orcish city of Dolorog. As he was near death, Caelus saved his life. He was the first to join Caelus in his quest to stop the Ironvein and has stood by Caelus’s side longer than anyone else. Despite his fealty to the legendary hero, Bastior was known to disregard orders and draw fire if it would mean the safety of his allies.


Endurum College, Red Bay, Rotkrater
Emerald Shield

“Adapt or fall.”

The last to join the Blackmantle Magi, Endurum (he/him), a master artificer, was a high-ranking member of the Ironvein Marauders for many years before turning to Caelus as the tides began to turn. Many believe his change in allegiance was an effort to save his own life, but Caelus maintained that no one should be judged for the mistakes of their past. Still, it took many years for him to earn the trust of the other Magi.


Esoteria College, Oarlock, Grendire, Ampere Alliance
Cobalt Compass

“In the shadows, we see.”

Some say that none ever saw Esoteria’s (they/them) true face. A master of guile and illusion, they had spent years hunting the marauders before Caelus found them. Some believe they were hunting someone, though there are no records of who or what that may have been.


Exultix College, Sidoculta, Sen Miëgog
Golden Locket

“For the chosen.”

Others could not help but be drawn to Exultix (he/him). Sweet and kind, he cared deeply for those that followed his religious order. He is the reason Sen Miëgog came to be known as the Sacred Bog. Some claim that his followers were forcefully prevented from parting ways, though there is little evidence of that claim.


Idos College, Ren Sahari, Northern Ardea
Golden Locket

“Without match.”

Idos (he/him) was proud and believed himself to be the greatest swordsman and arcanist of the world, and he may not have been wrong. To see him fight was a true spectacle. Idos was famous for his showy fighting style, a blend of magic and swordsmanship.


Mentiad College, Aurochshire, Waefolk
Amber Hammer

“Reborn in fire.”

Mentiad (she/her) was once a priestess of the Goddess Suture. She had spent decades among a band of healers, following the trail of destruction left by the marauders and tending to the wounded. When she arrived in Nebosa, she saw what the marauders had done. Fearful of the threat that the Old Gods posed, the marauders used the power of the Tectonics to raze the ancestral City of the Dragons and slaughter the Dragons and Dragonborn who called it home. She renounced her Suturian oath of pacificism and dedicated herself to assuring no other peoples would suffer the same fate.


Obscurion College, Dodano, Southern Ardea
Cobalt Compass

“Cast out the shadows.”

Obscurion (she/her) was raised in secret on the Skeleton Keys, molded into a weapon that could stand against the marauders and the Tectonics. Cold and calculating, she collected kills, each punctuated with an arrow adorned with a single blue feather. After the Last Battle, she settled beside Lake Waha in Southern Ardea and fulfilled her promise to build a college before retreating into isolation. Despite the seclusion of the hero hermit, a city—Dodano—grew around the school, its immigrants hopeful that, if danger were to arise again, so too would Obscurion.


Wardus College, Zafraëth, Quickthorne
Emerald Shield

“For every bloodline, every strain.”

While most hail Wardus (she/her) as a hero, this champion’s story is one of loss and guilt. Before the Cataclysm, marauders left a trail of dead, scores of druids slaughtered, in their search for the secret path to a legendary shard known as “The Blackmantle.” Refusing to see more of her family killed, one of Wardus’s ancestors offered up the knowledge that would lead the marauders to the shard. Wardus bore the guilt of her ancestor’s decision, and she was quick to join Caelus when she learned of his plans. She swore to never let her attachments get in the way of her sacred duty as a druid.


Zarroth College, Golembluff, Bulwark
Amber Hammer

“Knees unbent.”

What Zarroth (she/her) lacked in height, she made up for in muscle. Known as the Terror of Golembluff, she believed that one should live as the beasts do. No law. No apologies. She believed in freedom above all else, and she was infamous for leaving a trail of destruction wherever she went. Following the Last Battle, it did not take long for her to make enemies of her fellow Magi.