The Awakened Forest

Home of the druids and birthplace of the Okita, Quickthorne has become a refuge for the strange and otherworldly of the Augural Strand. It’s said that even non-casters can feel the primal magic pulsing through the northern reaches of the Misomere Forest.

In the rush to rebuild after the Cataclysm, lumberers rushed to the forest to collect timber to build homes, and traders turned to the beasts of the forest for leather and pelts. As more and more people pillaged the forest for resources, the druids found themselves overwhelmed. In order to protect the forest, they determined that they would need to enable the forest to protect itself. The druids used magic to grant the animals greater intelligence and wisdom and taught them spells and combat so that they could defend their homes. The Okita, as they called themselves, were able to push back the developers, and, as generations went on, the Awakened Animals have established towns and cities of their own.

Cran AsraThe Monastery of the Sunken Orchid

Cran Asra

Cran Asra is not the name of a town, but of the land itself. Legend claims that, during the Cataclysm, all of the Tectonics were in chaos — all but one. The Tectonic Cran Asra protected the creatures of the forest. Now, they seek to return the favor. It’s believed that the Firbolg have called this area home since the dawn of their species.

The Monastery of the Sunken Orchid

Small communities of Okita and Elves sit on the outskirts of the Monastery of the Sunken Orchid, hopeful that if disaster were to strike the secretive Kalashtar of the temple would protect them. The monastery’s caretakers, known to be kind and patient, rarely visit the towns except to trade their exquisitely-made armors and strange enchanted items for food and other necessities.


High up on the mountainside are the Ruins of Nebosa, an ancient draconic city predating the Cataclysm. While the once monumental structures have long decayed, a strange power can still be felt at this site. Stories say that Dragonborn and Kobold who have lost their way may feel the ruins calling for them to return to these ancestral grounds.


Located between the three lakes at the heart of Quickthorne, the city of Zafraëth stands, built not on top of the land, but with it. Bridges and homes merge seamlessly with the trees and stones of the forest. The city is home to Elves, Centaurs, Satyrs and Okita, but outsiders know little more than that. Zafraëth has earned a reputation as a mysterious and dangerous place.