Docker’s Union

The Docker’s Union emerged as a beacon of hope for the weary port workers faced with mounting piracy along the Augural Strand’s coast. Formed out of frustration with Caelus Castra’s indifference and the urgent need for self-defense, the union brought together the hardworking denizens of the docks in an unwavering pact of solidarity.

Union founder Amos Blake, with his charismatic leadership and genuine concern for his people, has emerged as a folk hero. His speeches, filled with passion and hope, resonate with not just the dock workers, but every soul who cherishes safety, unity, and freedom.

To the world, The Docker’s Union serves as a shining example of what determination, unity, and grassroots leadership can achieve, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Docker’s Pledge

“From shore to shore, in sun and storm, united we stand, divided we mourn.”

Structure and Roles

Harbor Guards: The brave souls who stand guard, ensuring the safety and security of docked ships, cargo, and their fellow workers.

Shipwright Shields: Skilled artisans and laborers focused on repairing and fortifying ships, making them robust against pirate threats.

Tidal Tacticians: Strategists who use their knowledge of the seas, weather patterns, and pirate tactics to predict and prevent possible threats.

Port Patrollers: Patrol boats manned by seasoned sailors and guards that oversee the immediate waters for incoming threats.

Lighthouse Luminaries: The union’s signal masters, utilizing a unique system of coded lanterns and flags to warn of dangers and communicate across the coast.


The Sturdy Anchor: An iconic gathering place for union members in Port Bazzarand, where tales are shared, deals are struck, and strategies are debated.


Blake’s Vigil: A yearly event where members light lanterns in memory of those lost to pirate raids and reaffirm their commitment to the Union.

Seawall Celebrations: Festivities marking the fortification of a city’s harbor defenses, symbolizing another victory for the Union.