The Privateers operate in the grey — officially sanctioned by the capital, yet never truly shedding their roguish tendencies. While they’re valued as a formidable force against external threats, their loyalty remains perpetually in question. Their mercurial nature leads to frequent skirmishes with other factions, particularly with the Docker’s Union.

Caelus Castra maintains a tenuous alliance with them — they are a blade that can protect or backstab, depending on the circumstance or the coin.

To many, The Privateers embody the spirit of rebellion and resilience. To others, they represent the dangerous liaison between power and lawlessness. Either way, their presence on the seas and in the skies of the Augural Strand ensures that the region remains ever-volatile and thrilling.

Privateer’s Oath

“By sea and sky, we stand allied. For gold or grace, we take the tide.”

Structure and Roles

Sinner’s Tide: These adept sailors excel in covert operations on the water. Their silence and skill make them masters of stealth-based missions and ambushes.

Harbor Hawks: Specialists in urban environments, particularly busy ports and harbors. Their task is to monitor, gather intel, and when necessary, “persuade” local elements to align with Privateer interests.

Ship Hounds: Experts in tracking down valuable goods, be it for a client or for their own stash. Some say they’re better than any pirate when it comes to locating lost treasures.

Code Keepers: Fluent in a myriad of codes, signals, and secret languages. Their main role is to ensure confidential communication between various Privateer bands and their connections in Caelus Castra.


The Half-Mast Tavern: A renowned hub for Privateers in Caelus Castra. A place of respite, intrigue, and deal-making.


The Sirens’ Serenade: A musical fest where tales of grandeur, escapades, and betrayals are sung. It’s an event every Privateer cherishes, a rare moment of camaraderie amidst their tumultuous lives.