The Woodwatchers, over time, have etched their reputation as the unwavering defenders of Bulwark’s boundaries. While their dedication is applauded by many, their stringent anti-magic stance, influenced by House Fudgel’s beliefs, often places them at odds with those more sympathetic to Quickthorne’s mysticism.

The Okita, especially the older generation, view the Woodwatchers with a mixture of respect and wariness, knowing their intentions, though noble, often clash with the forest’s will. Within Bulwark, whispers of admiration and skepticism coexist, with families hushedly discussing the magic that the Woodwatchers so fervently guard against.

Woodwatcher’s Oath

“In shadow and light, by river’s side, we stand guard, letting none slide.”

Structure and Roles

River Wardens: Skilled rangers who maintain vigil along the River of Augury, ensuring no unauthorized crossings from either side.

Beast Tamers: Woodwatchers trained to communicate and, if necessary, pacify any awakened animals that approach Bulwark’s boundaries.

Sylvan Scouts: Deep forest rangers adept at navigating the Misomere Wood’s mysteries, acting as early-warning sentries against any significant movements from Quickthorne.

Diplomatic Envoys: Selected Woodwatchers trained in the delicate art of negotiation, serving as liaisons between Bulwark and Quickthorne when necessary.


The Augury Post: A riverside outpost serving as the primary base for the Woodwatchers, equipped with surveillance tools and magical detection devices.


River’s Reflection: An annual ceremony where Woodwatchers release lanterns into the River of Augury, symbolizing the eternal balance between Bulwark and Quickthorne.

Elm’s Gathering: A monthly assembly, named in honor of an ancient tree on the riverbank, where Woodwatchers share tales, intelligence, and discuss emerging challenges.