The Alphanauts, though proud of their impeccable safety record and luxurious services, are ever-aware of the Wraithnauts’ growing influence. They often emphasize their reliability and quality over the cheaper, riskier alternatives, ensuring they remain the top choice for those who value safety and luxury.

In the bustling metropolis of Fellnoble, where the future meets tradition, the Alphanauts soar high, representing the epitome of Gnomish innovation and dedication. They aren’t just airship operators; they are the beacon of progress, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of perfection in the Augural Strand.

Alphanaut’s Creed

“Every journey matters.”

Structure and Roles

Flightmasters: The elite pilots of Alpha Airlines. Trained rigorously in both the art of flying and the nuances of airship mechanics, they command the respect of all in the Augural Strand.

Luxe Attendants: The face of Alpha Airlines for most travelers. Trained in hospitality, they ensure every journey is comfortable and memorable.

Aether Engineers: Specialists who design and maintain the airships. Their genius ensures that every vessel is a harmonious blend of magic, mechanics, and aesthetics.

Arcane Navigators: Using a combination of arcane knowledge and advanced instruments, they chart safe and efficient courses through the skies.

Commerce Circle: The business-savvy minds behind Alpha Airlines. They negotiate trade agreements, manage finances, and ensure the brand remains synonymous with luxury and reliability.

Airships and Technologies

Luxury Cabins: Designed for the utmost comfort, complete with magical amenities like self-adjusting temperatures and illusionary window views.

The Lumina Class: These ships glow with a soft, ethereal light. Known for their speed and elegance, they represent the pinnacle of Gnomish design.

Aethersight Radars: Advanced magical radars that detect obstacles, weather anomalies, and other airships, ensuring safe journeys.

Enchanted Propellers: These special propellers adjust themselves according to the wind currents, providing smoother rides.


The Ascension Ritual: Every new airship, before its maiden voyage, is celebrated and blessed in a grand ceremony, ensuring its safety and success.

The Night of Luminance: An annual event where all Alpha Airships light up the sky above Fellnoble, creating a spectacle of dancing lights.