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The Basics

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The Augural Strand rests on the eastern coast of the continent Ártios in the world of Kad.

To the east of the Augural Strand lies the Cetacean Sea. Even if one could survive the perilous journey across those merciless waters, there are no docks or shores left beyond our own.

To the west, the mountainous chasm known as the Mountain Barrows, the scar that marked the end of the Cataclysm. It is a place of desolation, though bandits and beasts alike have found it amenable for their unsavory purposes.

Beyond the Sogworn Wall to the north, hungering horrors and bitter cold.

It is for these reasons that we call the Augural Strand our home, it is a safe haven for all in an unforgiving world. Our region is made up of eight nations, each governing itself and abiding by its own laws. The group, however, is held together by the Accords of Augur, a pledge to never again let the Strand fall into chaos.