Sen Miëgog

The Hallowed Swamp

The mainlanders call it holy ground, seeing themselves as caretakers of a restless and temperamental land. But, for travelers, the Hallowed Swamp can be a treacherous place. In the past, the Firstfolk of Sen Miëgog controlled all of the swamp as well as the jungle island of Outgarden. Over time, however, the neighboring regions have eaten away at its borders. Generally speaking, the pious natives of the mainland and Outgarden seek to avoid war, though there are more ruthless factions and creatures that consider mercy a weakness and will not watch their home be stolen.

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Aligned with neither the Yuan-Ti of Outgarden nor the colonizers from Rotkrater, the Aarakocra of Anakouko are a faction of their own. Extraordinarily beautiful, the Anakoukoans are merciless fighters and adhere to a strict training regiment. They are considered some of the most elite fighters the world over. Those who cannot keep up are cast out to make lives for themselves elsewhere. Visitors are unwelcome.


Few dare venture to where Sen Miëgog’s foggy waters are deepest. Steam drifts along the water’s surface, concealing those who watch from below.


To much of the Augural Strand, the island is known as Outgarden, but, to the Yuan-Ti, it is “Abalo.” Outsiders, even Sen Miëgog’s mainlanders, are unwelcome. Many Yuan-Ti consider the island a promised land of sorts, and even those who go on to live in cities hundreds of miles beyond the island’s shores can still hear the faint ethereal whisper of their homeland.


Pantano may be easy to find on a map — right on the northern lip of Gardener’s Sound — but, on foot, it can be nearly impossible to locate. The city is surrounded by miles of dark swampland. The city itself, however, could not be more vibrant. Colorful banners fly outside shops, and the music of street bards fills the streets. Pantano’s cuisine is far more complex than most settlements in the nation, though it still primarily consists of large insects.

The city and its surrounding waters are regarded as perhaps the most sacred site in Sen Miëgog. Long ago, the ancestors of many Tortle and Grung mainlanders landed on the shore of what is now Pantano after fleeing the predatorial jungle. For centuries, elders have piloted ferries to and from Outgarden as a rite of passage. This homecoming pilgrimage serves as a reminder of the hardships their ancestors faced and the bounty that “the Hallowed Swamp” provides.


It’s unclear exactly where the Kenku originated, but Shelter has become one of few places they are welcome. No more than a collection of hovels in southern Sen Miëgog, Shelter is meant as a home of refuge. Other wandering souls may find rest in their encampments, but some claim that isolation has made them — for lack of a better word — somewhat strange.