Ampere Alliance

The Nation of Lights

From the sputtering harvesters of Mugwort to the neon signs of Fellnoble, magic and machinery define life across the five provinces of the Ampere Alliance.

The provinces have little in common, but it is those very differences that make their allegiance necessary. None would be able to stand alone without the artifice from Holdunhill, the shipping ports of Grendire, the oil from Mottled Run, the precious metals from Kaeshim and the produce from Rue. The nation is famous for the winding Sogworn Wall that separates the Alliance from the dangerous, icy woods to the north.

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From Port Bazzarand, you can catch a ship to nearly any coastal city across the Augural Strand. Many come to the city in search of work at one of the city’s many warehouses and docks. Gnomes, Goblins and Humans have largely claimed the city as a manufacturing and logistics center.

While Port Bazzarand is the province’s largest city, it’s the town of Oarlock to the south that serves as its cultural heart. The town is home to Esoteria College and remains the primary headquarters of Runeiverse, a progressive tech company that makes smartphones known as Runes.

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The industrious city of Fellnoble serves as both the capital of Holdunhill and the Ampere Alliance. Businesses advertise with glowing signs, and vehicles of all shapes and sizes cruise down roads lined with magical streetlights. The city acts as the main crossroads of the region with a towering train and airship depot. A layer of smog lurks just above the city.

Coming as a sharp contrast to Fellnoble, Kyr is a Lizardfolk town built on a forested island in Lake Amsvartnir to the north. After the Cataclysm, the Firstfolk rebuilt the town using traditional methods that they claim predate early conquest of Ártios. The city follows the laws of the Old Ways, and Ampere guard tend to leave the island alone.

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Sometimes called the Eastern Gate, Snótröll is among the most famous of the Sogworn Wall settlements, largely because so few have seen it. The fortress city was carved into the fjords, hidden behind and defended by a frozen waterfall. The city is believed to be the largest military settlement in the Augural Strand.

Walking along the forest floor, Sickle Island may appear uninhabited. But, looking up, you’ll find stunning treetop villages. The Elves and Owlin of the island seldom see their island as part of the Alliance and tend to reject the development of the mainland.

The easiest way to reach Sickle Island is by charter boat from the seaside Lizardfolk village of Kiliana.

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Mottled Run

The glassy plains of Mottled Run are an exquisite sight. Wintercross, the capital of Mottled Run, marks the meeting place of the mild western winds and the cold northern winds. Almost daily, the snowmelts and refreezes, leaving behind a thin sheen of glistening ice covering much of the plains.

Few live in the region aside from the soldiers who defend the Sogworn Wall. The military encampment of Dun Alora, often referred to as the Western Gate, defends the final stretch of wall leading up to the Graveyard of the Tectonics.

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Between the few small communities of Rue stretches miles upon miles of fields and farms. Generally not used to seeing outsiders, the Humans, Halflings and Gnomes of Rue provide the majority of the produce for the Alliance. The province capital, Borago, is home to the province’s wealthiest landowners and acts as a trading post for much of rural Ampere and Bulwark.

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