Order of Araneae

To most of the Augural Strand, the Order of Araneae remains a whispered legend, a shadowy organization that some doubt even exists. Those who know the truth often find themselves caught in the web of the Order, bound by secrets, obligations, or fear.

With influence stretching across the Strand, the Order has both allies and enemies in every corner, from ambitious nobles seeking the upper hand to rival organizations wary of their creeping influence.

The Order of Araneae embodies the perfect blend of intrigue, secrecy, and ambition, silently shaping the course of the Augural Strand, one thread at a time.

Woodwatcher’s Oath

“In shadow and silk, our web shall spread, unseen, unbroken, threads of red.”

Structure and Roles

Spiders: Dedicated members spread throughout the Augural Strand, working tirelessly to further the Order’s goals and protect its interests, each Spider’s role unique and integral to the organization.

Webspinners: These expert spies and infiltrators weave the intricate web of the Order, gathering information, uncovering secrets, and using their network to the Order’s advantage.

Silkbinders: Trained in the art of enchantment, these members create magical traps, charms, and webs to ensnare their enemies or protect their interests.


The Webworks: Hidden locations throughout the Strand that serve as safe havens and gathering points for the Order’s members, each protected by layers of magic and secrecy.


The Weaving: A clandestine ceremony where new members swear allegiance to the Silk Matron, sealing their pact in blood and silk.

The Looming Shadow: A ritual performed each solstice, in which the Widows weave a great web in the dark, symbolizing the ever-expanding reach of the Order.