To the world outside, The Conservatory is an enigma, wrapped in awe and fear. Their unwavering goal of re-establishing draconic rule makes them a threat to the existing order, especially to the kingdoms of the Gods. While many see them as fanatics clinging to bygone grandeur, there are those who, secretly, admire their determination and the promise of a world under the majestic wing of dragons.

The Conservatory’s disdain for the current rulers often leads to covert clashes, political intrigues, and sometimes, open confrontations. Some of the few remaining dragons, especially those disillusioned with the world’s current state, view The Conservatory as the last beacon of hope for their kind’s reclamation of glory. However, not all dragons agree with their aggressive approach, leading to internal schisms and philosophical conflicts within the wider draconic community.

Conservator’s Creed

“In the shadow of the fallen, by the ancient blood decree, dragons shall rise, and once again, the world shall be free.”

Structure and Roles

Sovereigns: The elite council at the helm of The Conservatory, composed of ancient dragons and their most loyal draconic disciples, charting the cult’s course.

Wardens: Fierce dragon-warriors tasked with both protection of the cult and enforcement of its doctrines.

Scholars: Intellectuals and historians who study ancient texts, seeking clues to restore draconic supremacy and unearthing forgotten rituals.

Templars: Zealots and frontline soldiers, often dragonborn or dragon-blooded, ready to lay down their lives for the re-emergence of the draconic dynasty.


The Conservator’s Sanctum: Hidden deep within treacherous Mountain Barrows, this is the heart of The Conservatory, a vast cavernous temple adorned with relics from the draconic golden age.


Rite of the Roaring Flame: A sacred initiation ceremony for new members, involving walking through enchanted dragonfire to demonstrate commitment and resilience.

Flight’s Festival: An annual event where members gather to celebrate tales of old, witness dragonflight races, and renew their vows to the cause.