Blackmantle Arcanum

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The Great Academy

Students of the mystical and military arts flock to the Nine Colleges located across the Augural Strand, but only those with extraordinary potential are welcomed into the Blackmantle Arcanum.

Founded by the greatest heroes the region has ever known, the Blackmantle Arcanum and the Nine Colleges were created to guide future heroes toward their destinies.

Several hundred years ago, the hero Caelus and the nine champions, known as the Blackmantle Magi, fought back against the Ironvein.

In the Last Battle, Caelus struck the titan with a powerful swing of his sword, creating the rift now known as the Mountain Barrows. As the dust settled, all that remained was the legendary Sword of Caelus.

In memory of Caelus, the Blackmantle Magi established the Arcanum in the newly-formed mountains and each Magus created a college of their own in their homeland.

The Sword of Caelus now rests in a tomb in the Arcanum, only to be wielded by the Archmagus in times of great calamity. It is this sacrifice that inspired each of the Blackmantle Magi to follow his lead. As the bodies of each of the original Blackmantle Magi gave way, they transferred their souls to weapons. Each relic was entrusted to the headmaster of their namesake college so that they may continue to offer wisdom for all eternity.