Mercenary’s Guild

The Mercenary’s Guild is a double-edged sword in the eyes of the Augural Strand. To some, they are a necessary evil, a tool to be wielded in times of strife. To others, they are a symbol of unbridled greed, warriors who have forsaken honor for gold. Nonetheless, the Guild’s reputation for getting the job done has made them invaluable to many who seek their services.

Despite the skepticism surrounding them, the Guild has managed to forge strong alliances with merchant guilds, city-states, and even some noble houses, who see the value in having a reliable source of skilled fighters at their disposal. However, not all relationships are favorable. The Guild’s willingness to take any contract has put them at odds with various factions across the Augural Strand, leading to tense standoffs and bloody conflicts.

In a world where the scales of power are in constant flux, the Mercenary’s Guild remains a steadfast force, its members’ blades always sharp and ready, waiting for the next call to arms.

Mercenary’s Motto

“For every mark, a blade we bear.”

Structure and Roles

Bladebrokers: The leadership of the Guild, made up of experienced mercenaries who have proven themselves in countless contracts. They are responsible for securing work and distributing jobs to their members.

Sellswords: Warriors who offer their martial prowess for hire, adept at clashing with foes in brutal melee or striking from a distance with deadly precision.

Sellshields: Skilled guards and protectors, often contracted to defend merchants, caravans, or valuable assets.

Sellsages: Arcane specialists who offer their magical talents for hire, providing valuable support on and off the battlefield.

Rogue’s Gallery: Assassins and infiltrators who excel in eliminating targets or gathering intelligence without being noticed.


The Iron Hall: A fortress-like guildhall where members of the Guild can rest, train, and prepare for their next contract. It is the heart of the Guild’s operations.


The Gilded Grindstone: An annual event where the Guild showcases its members’ skills in mock battles, attracting potential employers and celebrating successful contracts.

The Oath of the Sword: A ceremony where new members swear loyalty to the Guild and its Bladebrokers, vowing to uphold the Guild’s tenets and honor their contracts.