The Wayfarers’ reputation as seekers of truth and discovery has led to mixed feelings across the Augural Strand. While academic institutions hold them in high esteem, their reception among local settlements varies—some view them as harbingers of enlightenment, while others, especially remote and superstitious locales, regard them with suspicion.

Merchants and traders recognize the invaluable nature of the Wayfarers’ detailed knowledge of terrains and climates, which can influence trade routes. However, this relationship is a delicate balance, with potential tensions if the Wayfarers seem to favor one trade group over another. The Wraithnauts and The Privateers, each for their own reasons, engage with the guild; while the former might trade transport services for insights, the latter occasionally seeks navigation aid.

The relationship with wilderness tribes hinges on past interactions—some welcome the Wayfarers, hoping to document their histories, while others remain cautious due to previous misunderstandings.

The Wayfarer’s Creed

We seek. We discover. We share.”

Structure and Roles

The Navigators: Senior members of the guild, responsible for plotting new expeditions and deciphering the deeper mysteries of the Augural Strand.

The Chroniclers: Tasked with recording discoveries, stories, and details into the Wayfarer’s Guide. They also review and integrate the contributions made by others through the enchanted bindings.

The Binders: Enchanters specialized in crafting the magical bindings that link to the central Guide. Each binding is unique, mirroring the life story and essence of its owner.

The Sentinels: Protectors of the guild and the physical Wayfarer’s Guide. Their identities remain secret, even within the guild, ensuring the Guide’s location is never compromised.

The Seekers: Junior members and initiates, these explorers traverse the lands to gather new stories, secrets, and discoveries.


The Wayfarer Tavern: A network of taverns located across many cities where patrons come to enjoy drinks and revelry. As the waitstaff serves their patrons, their patrons serve the guild anytime a rumor or tale reaches a guildmember’s ear.


The Pilgrimage of Discovery: Every Wayfarer, upon initiation, must undertake a personal journey within the Augural Strand, returning with a unique story or secret.

The Binding Ceremony: When a member reaches a certain stature or makes a profound discovery, they are gifted with their personalized enchanted binding, linking them forever to the Guide.

The Great Festival of Tales: Once a year, Wayfarers gather in a hidden location to share stories, discoveries, and secrets. It’s a time of celebration, learning, and reinforcing their collective mission.