The Wraithnauts, while seen as mavericks and often criticized for their reckless ways, are also romanticized as the true free spirits of the skies. Many a tale is whispered in the taverns of young adventurers saved by a Wraithnaut or of treasures found in the most perilous of places.

To many, the Wraithnauts represent freedom, a break from the mundane. They stand as a testament to the fact that with enough grit and spirit, even the cast-offs of society can reach for the stars. For an aspiring sky pirate, the Wraithnauts aren’t just a guild; they’re a call to adventure, a ticket to a life less ordinary.

While their rivalry with the Alphanauts is palpable, there’s also a grudging respect for the latter’s finesse.

Wraithnaut’s Creed

“Beyond the rules, beyond the sky, with passion and peril, we fly high.”

Structure and Roles

Sky Rogues: These aren’t your typical pilots. They’re risk-takers, daredevils who dance with danger at every corner, making every journey an adventure.

Crisis Medics: Less about hospitality and more about safety and survival, these attendants are trained to handle emergencies, administer first aid, and even conduct daring rescues in case of man-overboard situations. They’re skilled in survival techniques and are equipped to deal with the unpredictable conditions that often accompany Wraithnaut flights.

Scroungineers: The crafty mechanics and engineers. They can turn scrap into sky-worthy wonders with sheer ingenuity and a touch of mischief.

Nighteyes: The Wraithnauts’ answer to navigators. Using a keen sense of intuition and rudimentary tools, they find ways even where paths don’t exist.

Treasure Seekers: The brains behind the business side, always on the lookout for profitable ventures, hidden treasures, or black market deals.

Airships and Technologies

Bare-Bones Bunks: The cabins are sparse and unadorned, with the barest of amenities. These spaces are not for luxury but survival, offering riders a place to strap in when the journey gets rough.

The Innovation Class: These airships, built with unconventional designs and a disregard for safety regulations, are known for their daredevil performance. Crafted for high-risk, high-reward flights, they are the Wraithnauts’ signature vessels.

Hazard-Sensing Arrays: These rudimentary sensors, made from a mix of salvaged tech and experimental magic, can detect imminent danger with varying levels of accuracy. They might not always work, but when they do, they provide an edge in risky situations.

Thruster Cannons: Using volatile alchemical concoctions as fuel, these thrusters can propel the Wraithnauts’ airships to incredible speeds, but with a risk of explosions or sudden engine failures.


Skyloot Festival: A grand gathering of all Wraithnauts, where they showcase their treasures, share tales, and indulge in airborne races and duels.

The Ghosting Ritual: Whenever a new ship is built, it’s taken on a stealth night flight, evading the vigilant eyes of the law, symbolizing its induction into the Wraithnaut fleet.