The Sylvan Boroughs

Unlike the untamed wilds in Quickthorne to the north, Waefolk is a nation of cobblestone paths, fine clothing and horse-drawn carriages. The region is caught between the strange magics of the Misomere Forest—the woods that encompass both Waefolk and Quickthorne—and the development of modern society. Railroad tracks link many of Waefolk’s towns and cities, but artifice and advanced technology draw suspicion and untrusting glances. Superstition and whispers of curses are common throughout the nation with many fearing the influence of the nation’s neighboring fae.

AurochshireEntburyGath GrokeholtHalcasterSteelhaven


Upriver of Halcaster, Aurochshire is a town long divided by the University of Aurochshire and the Church of Genesis. The university trades in philosophy, poetry and politics, while the church peddles the gospel, scripture and doctrine. Both have been fiercely at odds since the founding of the town, but some would say they are more alike than they are different.


A short distance downriver from Halcaster is Entbury, a beautiful town and home of the world-renowned Southern Waefolk Music School. The town is protected by magical wards to defend from the “black magics” that reside just outside its borders.


From below, Gath looks to be as welcoming as any other town, but, to the Goliaths who call it home, it is a precious hideaway from the world beyond. Meant to preserve an ancient way of life, the town of Gath is both simple in its sophistication and well-defended by its powerful populace.


Among the Okita, there are those who prefer to live as their wild cousins do. Then there’s Grokeholt. It’s not quite civilized society, but it’s not quite untamed either. The Okita of Grokeholt have built their town out of found objects, and more often than not those objects are misused. For example, it’s not uncommon to see villagers drinking from watering cans or using wheelbarrows as chairs.


The city of Halcaster is plagued by misfortune, though city officials balk at any mention of the alleged “curse.” The story goes that Waefolk was once a part of Quickthorne, yet as the people of the city began welcoming in industry and development, the nearby druids became angry and placed a curse over the capital. No spellcaster has been able to find any evidence of a curse, but strange happenings are very common in the shady streets of Halcaster.


Protected by a wall that encompasses the city, Steelhaven is the industrial beating heart of Waefolk. The site was originally established as a prime location for factories and mills, and, in order to support those endeavors, residences and shops emerged. Pollution is an ongoing battle.