Caelus Castra

The Imperial Capital

An imposing facade of stone conceals the sprawling, lavish interior of Caelus Castra — the Stand’s capital city built within the gilded halls of a castle.

Researchers are still analyzing the clues hidden throughout the art and architecture of the grand home, but it is generally believed that the castle was first built by the Giants during the Age of Assembly. Aging murals painted along ceilings and walls depict images of strength, divinity and prosperity, no doubt symbols of some long-forgotten royalty.

A network of marauders, known as the Ironvein, colonized the home during the Cataclysm, using it as a base of operations while they leached supplies and resources communities across the Augural Strand.

A few hundred years ago, the city was reclaimed and renamed in honor of Caelus, the hero who slayed the Tectonic Weld and ended the Cataclysm.

The Week of the Imperial Circle

Each year, Caelus Castra erupts in celebration for the Week of the Imperial Circle. It’s the week that leaders from all across the Augural Strand gather to settle conflicts and renew the Accords of Augur. The accords are a peace treaty signed more than 600 years ago, after the end of the Cataclysm. The accords are a pledge to never again let the region fall into chaos.

Today there are eight nations signed into the Accords of Augur, each with its own representative in the Imperial Circle: The Ampere Alliance, Bulwark, Quickthorne, Waefolk, Northern Ardea, Southern Ardea, Sen Miëgog and Rotkrater.

The Week of the Imperial Circle takes place over nine days with each day celebrating one of these eight nations, culminating in Unity Day, when the Imperial Circle meets to renew the accords.