The Dyad | Gods of the Outer Planes
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Dawn of the Dyad

Before space or time, all of existence was confined within one infinitely dense point known as the SINGULARITY. Out of its depths, two primal Powers — GENESIS and ENTROPY — broke free. As the Singularity split, matter and energy and soul erupted out, unfurling existence and and birthing the Universe as we know it.

Genesis saw this new plane as an expanse of endless possibility, unbound matter and energy that could forge worlds. From the remains of the lonely Singularity, Genesis saw the opportunity for life.

But Entropy yearned only for solace. Even free from the confinement of the Singularity, Entropy could still feel the suffocating weight of matter and the searing burn of energy coursing through the fledgling Universe. In desperation, Entropy set out to scatter existence across the boundless cosmos, to rend all matter to dust and allow all energy to die in the vacuum between each grain of sand.

As Genesis shaped worlds, Entropy whittled them away. Their push and push grew to war, and the Powers forged immortal vassals to serve as their proxies. They granted these deified emissaries dominion over realms in the OUTER PLANES, beyond the borders of the MATERIAL PLANE, and charged them with extending their progenitors’ will across the Universe.

Yet, amidst the clash of these godly powers, something else emerged from the primordial chaos. As the Universe exploded into being, unleashing unimaginable energy and propelling matter across the cosmos, the primordial elements of matter and energy awoke. These immortal beings, the TECTONICS, became the very essence of all matter and energy, embodying the fundamental forces that shaped the Universe itself. They bore no allegiance to Genesis, Entropy or their proxies but instead came to manifest the diverse and ever-changing nature of the elements.

As mortals emerged on the world of Kad, the Tectonics took care of the new beings. And as the mortals developed, they in turn took care of the Tectonics.

To offer leadership and guidance to the mortal races, the Tectonics created the DRAGONS.

s the primordial elements settled, new life sparked in the oceans. Cells became creatures became peoples that crawled their way onto land. 

As a gift to the “Firstfolk” of Kad, the Tectonics created scaled beasts armed with powerful, elemental breath — the Dragons — to serve as guides and leaders. 

The living ancestors of the Firstfolk say Kad’s early reptilian and amphibious peoples lived among and venerated the Tectonics and the Dragons. While many written records were destroyed in the Cataclysm, some of their traditional rites and practices have stood the test of time.

To offer education and protection, the Tectonics created the GIANTS.

New species emerged and intelligent life blossomed on Kad, but so too did monsters. Villages seldom lasted long before they were raided and ravaged by the horrors of the wilds. The peoples of Kad sought safety, and the Tectonics created the Giants to help them build walls and weapons. 

Their ancient civilizations may have once covered Kad, yet few still stand today, ruins of a time long past. The decaying remains of their great structures dot the landscape in Sen Miëgog and Outgarden, and others may yet be hidden within the sands of Northern Ardea, the cavernous depths of the Ettin Mountains or the furthest reaches of our great world.

Finally, to offer divinity, the Tectonics created the DJINN.

For thousands of years, the peoples of Kad lived in balance with the Old Gods, content with their gifts and guidance. For some, however, this was not enough. 

Heretical spellcasters tapped into forbidden magic from worlds beyond. As they looked out into the Outer Planes, otherworldly beings looked back. These New Gods came to the peoples of Kad offering power and a place in their cosmic plans. Some refused, holding true to the Old Gods — the Tectonics and their Dragons and Giants. Others, however, agreed to their terms. 

The Tectonics saw that mortals hungered for magic and created the Djinn, elemental spirits that could guide the peoples of the Augural Strand into this new era of magic. The Djinn were willing to lend their power to mortals as gifts or in carefully brokered trades.

This is the pantheon of the Augural Strand.


Arcana – Life – Peace ☀️

Genesis is believed to be the creator of all things. Mortals rarely view Genesis as supremely good, nor do they fear the elder god. As Genesis and Entropy wage eternal war on a cosmic scale, mortals know that their lives lie far beneath the gaze of the Dyad. Theologians say Genesis’s singular focus on creation comes at the cost of disinterest in preserving or maintaining that which has already been created.


Death – Grave – War 🌑

An embodiment of decay, Entropy is a power that seeks the deconstruction of all things and yearns for the solace of silence. While Entropy is not duplicitous and wrathful, its endless pursuit of decay strikes fear into the hearts of even many Gods of the Outer Planes. The corrosive influence of Entropy is indiscriminating and all-encompassing.