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Gods of the Outer Planes

The Gods of the Outer Planes are a collection of immensely powerful, extraplanar beings. Each God was birthed either by Genesis or Entropy to serve a role in the cosmic war and to see their progenitor’s intentions fulfilled. Yet these Gods do possess free will, and some have embarked on paths entirely different from those that they were assigned. The Gods have no gender, and their physical appearances serve only as representations for mortal eyes that would otherwise be unable to comprehend them.


Domains ☀️

Aether is the “God of Magic and Mysticism.”



Architect is the “God of Intelligent Design.”


Knowledge – Arcana – Light ☀️

Astray is the “God of Lost Things.”

Astray is the patron deity of the Blackmantle Arcanum Copper Compass house.


Life – Grave – Peace 🌑

Coda is the “God of Rest and Mourning.”

They are the patron deity of the Blackmantle Arcanum Emerald Shield house. 


x 🌑

Covet is the “God of Collection.”


Tempest – Death – Grave 🌑

Demise, the “God of the Watery Grave,” appears to those who die at sea. Those deemed worthy are gifted a vessel to sail the Endless Sea in search of Fiddler’s Green, a utopia believed to be located at the heart of the Endless Sea.


Arcana – Trickery – Twilight 🌑

Doldrum is the “God of Dreams.”


Order – Death – War 🌑

Enmity is the “God of the Nine Hells.”


Twilight – Light – Arcana ☀️

Eventide, the “God of the Crossroads,” embodies new beginnings, challenging tradition and breaking of axioms. Followers of Eventide believe that truth is not found in dualities, but in wholeness. They are generally peaceful and kind, seeking holistic knowledge of others and world around them, but, in extreme cases, they can become zealots in the pursuit of hegemony.

Eventide is the patron deity of the Kalashtar people, helping to bridge the Quori and the mortals of our world.



Grudge is the “God of War.”


Trickery – Twilight – Knowledge 🌑

Jinx is the “God of Trickery, Punishment and Revenge.” 


War – Arcana ☀️

Laud is the “God of Honor” and the patron deity of the Blackmantle Arcanum Golden Locket house. 


Knowledge – Arcana – Twilight 🌑

Lore, the “God of Knowledge and Secrets,” catalogs all that can be known in the fabled library housed within their realm. Lore collects secrets and stories. They rarely give up information without getting new information in return.

Lorists are devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and uncovering lost or rejected truths. While some safeguard information, others wield it like concealed daggers, awaiting the perfect moment to strike.


Domains ☀️

Lumen is the “God of Light and Illumination.”


Domains 🌑

Nihil is the “God of Night and Shadow.”


Arcana – Light – Peace ☀️

Paragon is the “God of Music and Poetry.” 


Knowledge – Trickery – Twilight 🌑

Renegade, the “God of Tongues and Daggers,” is the patron god of Rogues.



Ruin is the “God of Dust.”


Death – 🌑

Sepsis is the “God of Sickness and Plague.”


Life – Nature – Peace ☀️

While Sojourn, the “God of Travelers,” has a home plane as all Gods do, they rarely return to it. Instead, they travel across the universe, accompanying travelers wherever they may be and guiding them safely on their journey. On Kad, Sojourn most often appears as a dog or a quiet companion. Sojourn values small acts of kindness, especially between strangers, over heroism.

Sojourners are allies to all who come seeking their aid. They believe in service, but they are adamantly opposed to any acts that would end one’s journey short of reaching the greatest possible good. They do not kill.


Life – Order – Peace ☀️

Suture, the “God of Love and Promises,” heads the most common religion of the Augural Strand. Suture is the patron of marriage and friendship, and their blessing ensures an unbreakable bond—for better or worse.

Suturians believe that you do not need to give anything in worship. Instead, Suturians ask that we give to one another. They do not care how one loves as long as one loves fully and honestly.


Domains ☀️

Verdant is the “God of Nature and Growth.”



Wither is the “God of Barrens.”



NAME is the “God of DOMAIN”