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During the Age of First Breath, the Tectonics created the Dragons to lead and guide the emergent mortal peoples of Kad. 

Not all Dragons, however, stayed true to their charge as guardians and mentors. Some, intoxicated by the admiration and offerings bestowed upon them by mortals, succumbed to greed and vanity. These Dragons became corrupt, hoarding vast treasures, and demanding tribute from the very peoples they were meant to protect. As their hearts blackened, their scales, once luminous with the Tectonics’ blessings, began to pale, their opulence tempered. Before long, this divide grew into a rift, separating the benevolent Metallic Dragons from the self-serving Chromatic Dragons. 

Over the millenia, their numbers and influence have waned.


Light – Order – Tempest

Archconservator Kresnik is a gold dragon who lives in the core of the planet. Her worshippers believe that she negotiated with the extra-planar deities and came to an agreement so that they could coexist. Kresnik’s worshippers are draconic or reptilian and believe that all beings are to be respected.

Worshippers of Kresnik do not recognize Ny as the deity of dragons.


Light – War – Peace



Death – Trickery – War

Ny, driven by an unwavering desire to resurrect fallen dragons and usher in a new age of Draconic rule, seized control of the realm of Obsequs, the God of the Dead. With dominion over the departed souls, Ny seeks to restore dragons to their former godly stature. The other Gods of the Outer Planes view Ny with disdain, but refuse to interfere at the risk of further disrupting the delicate balance of the Outer Planes.