Dungeons and Dragons is meant to be fun for everyone at the table, so, in order for us to play together, I ask all of my players to enter this agreement:

The GM will respect the players by running a game that is fun, fair, and tailored for them. The GM will allow every player to contribute to the ongoing story and give every character moments to shine. When a player is talking, the GM is listening.

The players will respect the GM and the effort it takes to create a fun game for everyone. The players will allow the GM to direct the campaign, arbitrate the rules, and settle arguments. When the GM is talking, the players are listening.

The players will respect one another, listen to one another, support one another, and do their utmost to preserve the cohesion of the adventuring party.

To that end, I’d like to make sure that everyone knows what topics are off-limits (“Boundary Topics”), and I invite you to share what topics you would prefer that we avoid in this game.

How this works

If a player begins to approach one of the Boundary Topics we have identified, I will privately message them during the game to remind them that this is a boundary and to change the subject.

If a topic arises that makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to privately message me “Boundary Break,” “BB” or or “Break” and we’ll take a short break and privately check in. I will not reveal to the group who called for the break; if you would like for others to know that you are calling for a break, you are welcome to share that yourself.

My Boundaries as GM

NPCs, played by me, may flirt with your characters or other NPCs and vice versa. NPCs will never initiate sex or sexual contact with any PCs; if your character would want to be in some form of romantic/sexual relationship, let’s talk out of game before making that happen in game.

Player characters should never initiate sex or sexual contact with other player characters in the game without consulting with, 1st, the GM and, 2nd, the other player. There must be a conversation involving the GM and the players involved before any player-characters try to initiate a romantic/sexual relationship with another player character.

I, as the dungeon master, do not include issues of sexual violence in my game world. I will not describe, reference or allude to any form of non-consensual sex (including magical coercement). I ask that my players do the same when they are roleplaying.

Any possible consensual sex will be dealt with in a fade-to-black style as opposed to a verbal description.

In-world prejudice may occur in the game, but I will not use any real-word slurs and ask that my players refrain from using any real-word slurs while at the table.

It’s important that everyone is having fun playing this game together. If you are concerned that a problematic dynamic is emerging between yourself and another player, please speak to me sooner rather than later, and we will work together to find a solution.

Remember that making an in-game choice that negatively impacts another PC should only be done with the consent of that other player. Doing something because it’s “what my character would do” is not a valid reason to be a jerk.

Inevitably, some games will be canceled due to emergencies, illness, work, etc. Whenever possible, please give us a 24-hours notice if you will not be able to attend a session as this will likely mean that the session will be canceled for everyone. In the case of emergencies, you may not be able to give 24-hours notice and that’s perfectly fine. Overall, please do your best to respect that everyone involved in this game is having to make personal choices and sacrifices with their time to make sure they can attend; bailing on a session without notice means that those sacrifices were for nothing. This is by no means to say you cannot or should not miss sessions on occasion, only that you should treat others’ time and schedules as you would want everyone else to treat yours. If a player must miss a session, we should not try to make them feel bad/guilty about it and we should not force anyone to explain if they don’t volunteer an explanation. Respect everyone’s privacy.

Your Boundaries as a Player

Below is a checklist of possible Boundary Topics. Select any and all topics that you would like to have omitted from the game. If you have a boundary you’d like to set that is not included in the checklist, there is a space to share your any additional boundaries at the bottom of this page.

Any Boundary Topics you select from the checklist below will be in addition to, not instead of, any of the boundaries I’ve already set.

Once everyone has completed this form, I will make sure everyone knows if there are any additional Boundary Topics to keep in mind. This form is fully anonymous, and I will not reveal to the group who selected what Boundary Topics. If you would like to have an additional conversation about a certain boundary, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

NOTE: This game is not fully written yet. Any plot points already devised do not rely on any of the topics listed below. Rest assured that selecting Boundary Topics will not disrupt any pre-existing plot planned for the game.